Cleaning Validation Technologies

Destin A. LeBlanc-Technical Consulting Services


Destin A. LeBlanc is an internationally recognized expert in the area of cleaning and cleaning validation for pharmaceutical process equipment. In January 2001 he established Cleaning Validation Technologies as an independent consulting company. Cleaning Validation Technologies maintains the web site as a resource for professionals in cleaning validation in pharmaceutical and other regulated industries. This site offers links to other resources (regulatory documents, products and services), as well as a monthly Cleaning Memo covering a current, relevant topic. Mr. LeBlanc has over thirty years of product development and technical service experience, primarily in cleaning and antimicrobial applications. He has lectured internationally on issues related to contamination control, and has written widely on cleaning validation issues. He is the author of four books on cleaning validation. He is a member of PDA, ISPE, and ACS, and has regularly taught on cleaning validation at the FDA Basic Drug School. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Iowa.